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CoreFit Pilates has closed after 11 fun filled years! it has been a pleasure working with each & every one of you. I will miss you & the relationships & friendships that I have developed over the years. You have been a big part of the reason that I get up every day. Please stay in touch & I'll let you know what the next chapter brings me.

Stay active & healthy, & keep practicing Pilates!


Is Pilates Right For Me?

Not every style of exercise is for every body. (Notice I made the separation in 2 words, meaning each body is different, & each body needs different things.)

For example, yoga is not appropriate for my body. Why? I have more than enough flexibility, probably too much, so my body needs joint stability, and that is what Pilates gives me.

It depends on what you’re looking for and what you need. Pilates provides body awareness, which everyone needs, strength & flexibility. So do other types of exercise. But probably some of  the best benefits of Pilates are balance & symmetry. Again, to answer the question if it’s right for you, ask yourself if you need any of those things in your life.

Pilates is also great cross-training. So if you follow one discipline of exercise exclusively, or if you participate in 1 sport specifically, you can benefit from the cross-training in Pilates. Pilates will teach you lessons about movement that you can apply to the other styles of exercise & sports. It can also teach you functional lessons, lessons that you can apply to movement in your everyday life.

So you really have to try it to see. With that in mind, I offer an Intro to Pilates package. It is 3 sessions in which you learn the Basic Principles & begin to move on the Mat & Reformer. We then add other equipment as you go along. But it gives you the opportunity to sample Pilates & see if it is right for you. If you’re interested & inquisitive, please give me a call to schedule a session.

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