CoreFit Pilates is the only Pilates studio in Key West offering STOTT PILATES®.  Whether you prefer the individual attention of a private session or the social interaction of a semi-private, we have something to offer you.  Our private studio provides the tranquility desired for a private session, & still provides you with lots of attention for a duet or trio.

​Whether you’re new to Pilates, or a seasoned-veteran, you will find our studio welcoming.  No matter what your age or fitness level, we can make Pilates “doable” for you – and we love challenges!

Temporary Studio Closure

The City of Key West has issued Local Emergency Directive 20-03 ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses as of Monday March 23, 2020 @ 5 pm, without a definitive time frame.  As a result of that I will be closing my doors temporarily, until the threat of coronavirus has passed & the city allows me to reopen. 

When I notified clients, one responded: But you’re essential to us! I appreciate the sentiment. I also realize that while I am not a licensed physical therapist, I do a fair amount of rehabilitative work. With that in mind, I am preparing a letter of clarification, requesting an exemption (& there are plenty of businesses that are exempt), based on the premise of the type of work that I do. 

I wrote to the mayor of Key West, & my request for an exemption was denied! And according to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, through which I am registered, I will have to remain closed through May 8, unless the order is extended.

Your packages will be extended equal to the length of time that I am closed.

To my seasonal clients:  In case I am unable to reopen before you leave for the season, thank you for your business & support. I always enjoy seeing your faces as you come back into my life each year. Please have a safe, healthy summer. I will be in touch if something changes in the near future.

To my local clients: Thank you for your continued business & loyalty. You are my bread & butter. I appreciate that you are in my life. Please stay safe & healthy. I will stay in contact with you, with the hope to reopen soon.

I can only hope & pray that the infection curve flattens out & goes downward with actions such as closing businesses. I will miss doing my job because it is more than a job. It is my reason, along with my husband, for getting up each morning.

Thank you!

Fitness Tip

Nutrition & the Immune System

Building & maintaining a healthy immune system is essential to good health, especially in the midst of flu season & with the coronavirus spreading. Nutrition, or diet, is an important tool in developing & sustaining a strong immune system. Certain foods (see related article below) are strong immune system boosters, and people who have weakened immune systems such as those with autoimmune disorders, going through cancer therapy, have had recent accidents/injuries, recent surgeries, with chronic diseases or other underlying medical conditions & the aged, can benefit from eating them. Healthy individuals as well should be concerned about their diet on a daily basis to remain healthy.

I recently read an article that stated only 12% of the US population eats the recommended 5 servings of fruits & vegetables. I asked, what do you eat, if not fruits & veggies? As soon as I asked, I realized what a silly question that was. But it is a difficult concept to accept for someone who has been accused of eating healthily for most of her adult life. There isn’t much missing from my diet that is included in the list in the article! If you want to stay healthy, try adding some of these to your daily diet too.

Fitness Article
This is the helpful article that names 15 foods you should be eating to develop & maintain a healthy immune system.
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