CoreFit Pilates is the only Pilates studio in Key West offering STOTT PILATES®.  Whether you prefer the individual attention of a private session or the social interaction of a semi-private, we have something to offer you.  Our private studio provides the tranquility desired for a private session, & still provides you with lots of attention for a duet or trio.

​Whether you’re new to Pilates, or a seasoned-veteran, you will find our studio welcoming.  No matter what your age or fitness level, we can make Pilates “doable” for you – and we love challenges!

Fitness Tip


Cardio exercise should be an element of a complete workout plan, along with weighted resistance work. While the weighted resistance work is necessary to build muscle fiber, cardio is necessary to build the heart muscle.

There are several ways to get a good cardio workout: running, walking, bicycle riding, rowing and aerobics classes are just a few. What’s key to getting the heart muscle to build is doing these activities in your Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ). Your THRZ is determined easily after you determine your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR). There are 2 different methods:

  1. Subtract your age from 220; then multiply that number by 70% & 85% for what’s defined as a vigorous workout.

  2. Take your resting heart rate when you first wake up or after lying still for about 10-15 minutes. Subtract that number from 220 & multiply it by 70% & 85%.


As an example method #1 for me would be 110 – 133. Using method #2, my THR would be 119 – 145.

Many fitness trackers will track your heart rate as you workout, or you can stop during the workout & check it, taking your pulse at your wrist.

Fitness Article
This is really cool, especially since many people forget to take their blood pressure when required to do so, but almost always have the cell phone at hand.
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