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Laura Slocumb Oldham

"Having taken Pilates in another state for better than a year, I was thrilled to find Joanie in the Keys. Her instruction is disciplined, but fun, and my form and strength have greatly improved under her tutelage. When I go out of town for a week or two, my body really feels it; it aches. Once back home and in my Pilates-routine my body is very thankful She is the very best!"

Jeff Asplundh

"I came to Joanie with an arthritic, painful back condition that had atrophied my core. Joanie tailored her program to my specific challenges and before long I was gaining strengh while reducing pain. Joanie's intricate knowledge of pilates allows her to train all skill levels and suit your individual need or ailment."

Liz Winship

I have always had limitations to how much I could do physically due to chronic health issues. Joanie introduced me to a new way of thinking about exercise - slow and controlled - allowing my body to get stronger with time. I can’t say enough good things about working out with Joanie. She really has changed my life.

Elizabeth Love

"Joanie has helped my understanding of my body's movement and aided in a stronger connection to my core. The addition of Pilates to my running and training routines has made me a smarter "mover" overall with a greater awareness of how my body works."

April Fariss

I have been training with Joanie at CoreFit Pilates for over a year. My goal in studying with her in her studio was to become stronger, more flexible, and more toned. I was also looking for something that I could do to fight the inevitable aging process-I want to feel good about myself and my physical condition as I age! I believe that Stott Pilates and Joanie can play a key role in accomplishing this. Joanie is an incredibly knowledgeable and conscientious instructor. She pushes me to learn and master new things yet I have never had an injury training with her. In my experience with other forms of exercise, it is common to incur strains, pulls, or injuries. I have also had significantly fewer migraines which I attribute to a great neurologist, a great massage therapist, but mostly to Joanie's training. Thanks to Joanie's experience and attention to detail, I have been driven to attend her classes at least 3 times a week for over a year. She pays special attention to proper form and alignment and makes my work out fun and challenging!

Mindy Schilleci

I have been taking Pilates at CoreFit Pilates, Inc. under Joanie’s instruction for over a year. Previously, my only experience with Pilates was through DVDs at home. I thought when I began private lessons three times a week that I understood pretty well the basic and some of the advanced movements of Pilates. How naïve I was! Not to mention that I had never been on a reformer before. But with Joanie’s advanced knowledge of Stott Pilates coupled with her personality, she made my workouts not only challenging and rewarding, but fun as well. I soon had greater core strength, mobility and control than I‘ve ever had. Joanie is truly a caring person and that carries over into her instruction. Whether it is a private, semi-private or group class, she has the ability to tailor each session to the individual need of her students. When I sustained an injury that eventually led to surgery, Joanie worked hand in hand with my physical therapist. She altered my workouts to coincide with my therapy. She was able to reduce the stress to my injury while continuing to advance my progress in Pilates. I would recommend Joanie to anyone, on any level of fitness that is interested in improving their overall health and well-being.

Pat Raher

I have truly enjoyed beginning to learn from you about the benefits of pilates in terms of an overall improvement in my health and fitness. I will certainly continue this practice well into the future. You are an excellent instructor and truly understand the differences in individual capabilities. I must say, however, after my severe hip injury in January, I also have come to appreciate your outstanding knowledge of the healing process, how to enhance traditional medical treatments to assure a more timely success, and how pilates can actually make a recovery come about sooner and more efficiently. I cannot count the number of times you listened to the status of my recovery, thought about the muscle groups that were affected, and recommended home exercises in conjunction with specific pilates exercises that made recovery so much easier. Thanks again for your commitment to your students health and well being and the care and knowledge you bring to this outstanding fitness program.

Dr. Melissa Munoz

"I am a chiropractor & have been using Joanie as a Pilates instructor for many years. Her knowledge & expertise always amaze me. She is very specific & watchful of everything that I do. She makes sure that it is done correctly so that I always get the most benefit. I can say that she is one of the reasons I can be a busy chiropractor because without pilates my spine is just not as strong. This is also one of the reasons why I refer, without any hesitation, my patients to her."

Matthew Comer

"Having known Joanie for over 5 years as a student in courses and workshops with me all over the state of Florida, I couldn't think of a more exemplary student and Pilates instructor. Her desire to teach well, know as much as she can and understand Pilates as a professional makes her an excellent instructor. If you are in the Keys of Florida and want an amazing trainer, go see Joanie!"

Melissa Silverman

"In just 4 short months I feel taller, more flexible, stronger & more energized. Joanie is a thoughtful, thorough & attentive instructor. Her knowledge of human anatomy & body mechanics makes her especially skilled at tailoring the practice to my restrictions & strengths while working on muscle harmony. Pilates is eliminating my nagging back pain... I leave class feeling refreshed and alert (and sweaty). Pilates is an intense, ongoing challenge and I love it!"

Isobel G.

"I want to take this opp. to thank Joanie for being such a wonderful PT. Over the years I've tried so many different programs & trainers but It wasn't until I discovered Stott Pilates that I finally found my perfect match. Before I either quit of boredom or because of getting hurt...These days I look forward going to my sessions! ...In a few days I've reached my 9 mo. marker, a personal record. With your humor, toughness, and lovely personality you've been a tremendous help and inspiration to me

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