Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions in Mat, Tower, Reformer, Stability Chair, Barrels & TRX Suspension Training

The client is given undivided attention, a variety of exercises & progressed at their individual rate.  The training improves strength, body awareness, stability & symmetry.  It can also be geared toward rehabilitation & post-rehabilitation after injury or surgery.


Semi-Private Sessions

2 - 3 people, sessions in Mat, Tower,  Reformer, Stability Chair, Barrels & TRX Suspension Training

Bring in a friend/friends to share a session.  The small size allows the instructor to ensure that all students are receiving an appropriate amount of attention.  Working with a partner/partners of similar skill level allows students to progress at a similar rate.  If you don't have a workout buddy/buddies to join you, the studio will make an effort to find someone of a similar skill level to join you.




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